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Dubai, located strategically at the crossroads of three continents, this exciting city of the world offers a unique gateway to foreign investors and gives access to a regional population of 1.8 billion. Not only is it a center for commerce but is also an innovative, vibrant city perfectly suited to the 21st century. A melting pot of cultures, where you, your employees and your clients will enjoy working, living and visiting. You can rest assured there are excellent healthcare, leisure, shopping and sports facilities, world-class educational institutions and a very high quality of residential accommodation. This is all a direct result of Dubai being politically stable for over 35 years, thanks to a progressive, tolerant, secular and multicultural society.

Searching for a surging economy?

One of the decade’s most progressive cities, Dubai’s growth has been characterized by great economic transformations. Business-friendly policies and strategic investments in ultra-modern infrastructure create a high quality business environment that makes Dubai the center of Middle East economy. Iconic projects like The Palm, Burj Al Arab, and The World reflect the unique mindset and vision of Dubai.

Dubai’s safety and cosmopolitan lifestyle is well-known. For four consecutive years, Interpol has ranked Dubai as the safest city in the world, where crime is virtually non-existent. Meanwhile, Dubai modern lifestyle has set it apart from the conservative perception in the region. Dubai is now recognized as a favorite holiday destination as well as a center of business excellence. The presence of Fortune 500 companies already in Dubai, like IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and Cisco, attests to the region’s stability.

As with any successful city, you can expect financial stability, highly developed transport links, reliable power and utility supplies, modern telecommunications facilities and top international exhibition and conference venues.

All this can only mean one thing, growth that is set to continue well into the future. As the leading regional commercial hub, having a business in the Dubai Airport Freezone gives overseas companies access to a market of outstanding potential, in a wide range of sectors. This is why so many international companies have already chosen to settle their regional operations in Dubai.

Dubai – In the Spotlight

The metropolis of Dubai is fast rising as a global entertainment destination with its media-friendly initiatives and cosmopolitan lifestyle. In a short span of four years, the Dubai Media City free zone has firmly established itself as the media hub of the region. The opportunity to work in such a dynamic networking environment has brought together over 1000 companies, including CNN, BBC and Sony, making it a vibrant mix of talent and resources.

On the geographical front, the transformation of Dubai in the last decade has been nothing short of fantastic. Golf courses have replaced desert dunes and tents have given way to iconic skyscrapers. The city now has a vast range of filming locations, from the rustic charm of the old Spice Souq lanes to the opulence of the Burj Al Arab, the world’s tallest and only seven-star hotel. The winter weather too is a big draw for tourists, who can’t seem to get enough of its clean beaches and soothing aquamarine waters. It’s no surprise then that Dubai is the fastest growing tourist destination in the world, with over 15 million visitors expected in 2010.

Dubai’s picturesque landscapes regularly attract film makers from Hollywood, Bollywood and around the region. The city also hosts the annual Dubai International Film Festival which is gaining strong momentum after a remarkable beginning in December 2004. The wide range of films and glamorous film personalities who attended the festival have firmly put Dubai on the world film map.

In addition, Dubai’s open economy and high standard of living attract the best talent from across the world. Several companies are based here to be at the crossroads of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and target emerging markets of nearly two billion people. Other factors which contribute to making Dubai the fastest-growing city in the world are:

  • 10 year GDP growth rate of 8%
  • Per Capital Income over $20,000, among highest in the world
  • 100% ownership in free zones
  • No foreign exchange controls, trade barriers or quotas
  • No Corporate and Income Tax
  • Diversified economy – Oil and Gas sector contributes only 6% to GDP
  • Access to a huge talent pool of 13.8 million skilled workers
  • Expatriates constitute over 75% of UAE’s population
  • Excellent facilities for leisure, sports, education, shopping and healthcare
  • Internationally renowned sports facilities include golf, tennis, water sports, horse riding, dune driving and sand skiing
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